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Forming simulation result from CATSTAMPCATSTAMP provides CATIA V5 users with detailed formability analysis for evaluation and validation of stamped components and draw developments. Formability analysis is based on component or die geometry and accounts for material properties, friction, blank holder force, pressure pad, drawbeads, curved binder, and displacement constraints.

• Accurately predicts feasibility of binder and addendum geometry
• Evaluate alternate part designs and processing conditions such as pressure pads, drawbead, and binder layout
• Associative and regenerative draw development analysis tool CATSTAMP integrates analysis of Draw Die
• Immediately identifies splitting, wrinkling, and thinning
• Native integration in CATIA V5

CATSTAMP determines if a component can be stamped consistently with minimum cost, while fulfilling all product performance requirements. CATSTAMP is fully integrated into Dassault Systèmes' PLM environment.


• Stamping evaluation at every stage of product and process development
• Extensive forming conditions, such as drawbeads, pressure pads, blank holder force and pilot holes
• Simulation results include safety zones, forming zones, FLD, splitting, thinning, wrinkling, thickening, stress, strain, and optimal blank shape
• Optimal blank shape stored for material costing with nesting
• Tailor welded parts analysis with multiple weld lines
• Customisable material database
• All results are stored in CATAnalysis file for PLM integration eliminating multiple files
• NASTRAN and LS-DYNA thickness and strain results for including the effects of forming in downstream CAE applications

Download Brochure (left mouse to open, right mouse to save to local disk)

System Requirements:

All systems should have a minimum of 512MB RAM and 1GB free disk space.

Platform Operating System CATIA Versionn Graphics
PC MS Windows 2000/XP CATIA V5 R14 to R17 (requires GPS module) System must support 1024x768 resolution with minimum 32768 colours.

Note: for analysis of product manufacturing feasibility within CATIA see also CATFORM

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