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Complete Die System Simulation Solution
Result from DYNAFORM tooling simulation DYNAFORM is the complete die system simulation solution. DYNAFORM allows you to entirely bypass soft tooling, reducing overall tryout time, lower costs, increase productivity and provide complete confidence in the die system design. It also allows evaluation of alternative and unconventional designs and materials for an optimal solution. The most cost-effective and accurate solution available, DYNAFORM is the clear choice among progressive organizations seeking to streamline the die analysis system.

One Simple Interface
DYNAFORM encompasses the entire die system process in one simple interface. By simulating every detail during the design stage, DYNAFORM ensures the highest quality formed part and best manufacturing process. The system guides the engineer through cost estimation, quoting, die face design and formability analysis. Then, in a virtual environment, moves the part through the stamping process inside the plant—station by station. DYNAFORM simulates trimming/shedding and scrap removal and analyses die structural integrity. Finally, DYNAFORM evaluates the part transfer process within the die system and can even simulate the behaviour of the part during shipping.

DYNAFORM simulationA Solid Infrastructure
DYNAFORM offers NURBS based CAD surfaces capability. This allows DYNAFORM’s mesh-based technology to maintain full parametric associativity throughout the entire simulation process. LS-DYNA, the most powerful solver in its class, is the engine within DYNAFORM. Offering tremendous calculation power to support difficult modelling and simulation challenges within a die system, these powerful processing and solving technologies enable DYNAFORM to meet the needs of users today and those in the future.

LS-DYNA uniquely offers both explicit & implicit solutions that can be seamlessly switched to correctly simulate the physics of virtually all engineering issues of a die system including formability, springback, springback compensation, trimming, and flanging.

The Most Accurate & Cost-Effective Solution
The clear price/performance leader in the industry, DYNAFORM offers pin-point accuracy in every detail and is the key reason die designers all over the world have turned to DYNAFORM for the most precise analysis possible.


BSE Blank Size Engineering
The BSE module is a complete solution for accurate blank size estimation, nesting to maximize material utilization, piece price and scrap calculation. BSE is based on a one-step algorithm for rapid calculation. Potential forming failure due to excessive blank thinning is detected through an inverse method. BSE also creates a forming limit diagram (FLD) map for feasibility review.

Die Evaluation
Since most tooling designs are done in a CAD environment, DYNAFORM’s D-Eval Module was specially created to support and analyze CAD based tooling and engineering designs. A CAE solution, D-Eval is tailored to support engineers in the early stages of the product design cycle. It allows engineers to take manufacturability into consideration early in the design process, ahead of the tooling stage.

D-Eval Provides CAE Tools for “What If” Studies:
- Tipping Adjustments
- Binder Generation & Modifications
- Morphing
- Drawbead Layout
- Line Bead & Geometry Bead Conversion
- Addendum Modifications
- Die Design Modifications
- CAM Trim Evaluation
- Trim Line Checks

FS Formability Simulation
The FS module is a complete incremental die simulation program for quickly generating formability results at a very early stage of the product design cycle. It is suited for design feasibility analysis and verification. Stress, strain and thickening results are plotted and a complete forming limit diagram (FLD) is generated. It is a proven tool for uncovering hidden problem areas.

DSA Die System Analysis
DSA offers an LS-DYNA based FEA solution to analyse die system operations including scrap shedding/removal, die structural integrity and sheet metal transferring/handling. Further development will include trimming, flanging and hemming operations.

View/Download the DYNAFORM Brochure for more details (Acrobat PDF).

Read how other companies have benefited from using DYNAFORM (Acrobat PDF):

DYNAFORM provides full visualisation of the forming operation as shown in the following movies (please contact us if you would like to see full size versions of these and other examples):

Cup drawing example
Panel forming with drawbeads
Hydroforming simulation


LS-DYNA™ is a trademark of Livermore Software Technology Corporation.

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