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FASTFORM Advanced forming feasibility resultFASTFORM Advanced provides product and die designers with realistic formability analysis for virtual prove-out of complex draw dies. Modeling and analysis can be completed in minutes, ensuring the optimal solution. Analysis is based on either the component geometry for early feasibility or on the full tool. Simulation takes into account engineering behavior, friction, binder surface, die addendum, blankholder force, pad pressure, drawbeads, and tailor-welded blanks to produce accurate results.

"Electrolux saves 100 Hours in Process Development and Press Time" ...

Fast, Accurate Formability Analysis

Complete formability analysis from product concept to die design.

• Accurate virtual prove-out from product to die design
• Eliminate financial risk by identifying product and process problems up-front
• Quick and easy identification of formability issues in product, binder, and die face development
• Substantial reduction in draw development time
• Determine quality issues on class "A" panels


• Develops accurate blank shapes for improved material utilization
• Introduces feasibility criteria during early product development
• Results provide guidelines for material selection, blank size, binder & pressure pad force, and drawbead layout
• Simplifies results interpretation by providing graphical display of safety zones, forming zones, splitting, wrinkling, and thinning
• Customizable materials database provides flexibility required to simulate any material
• HTML-based report generation summarizes the product development process
• Fast, intuitive interface makes the software extremely user-friendly

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System Requirements:
All systems should have a minimum of 512MB RAM and 1GB free disk space.

Platform Operating System Version Graphics
PC MS Windows 2000/XP System must support 1024x768 resolution with minimum 32768 colours.


Also now available: COSTOPTIMIZER Advanced combining the comprehensive analysis capabilities of FASTFORM Advanced with the material cost reduction tools of COSTOPTIMIZER

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